The duties of a Mo’tamad (General Secretary)  it is to maintain a firm contact with all office bearers and to constantly point them to their tasks, so that the Amila could improve their work from time to time. The mo’tamad is responsible for maintaining the record of all proceedings of the Majlis, central publications, circulars, total correspondence and for keeping an account of stationary items. Further he is responsible to send his report to the central office in time.

All the tasks of a Mo’tamad can be divided into four major tasks:

  • Ijlas-e-Amila (preparation, announcement, tasks, follow-up)
  • Ijlas-e-Aam (preparation, announcement, follow-up)
  • Reporting (data collection, creation, dispatch)
  • Custodian of Properties


Mohammad Tariq Ghani


(+91) 8054153900 

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